The string broke. What to do?

порвалась струна

Why do the strings break

One of the most unpleasant and at the same time common situations in the life of a guitarist – cut strings. This can happen for various reasons. The main ones are:

  1. The string has lost its elasticity and strength from old age;
  2. Low-quality, cheap strings were installed;
  3. Pulling strings when adjusting, especially without the guitar tuner;
  4. Incorrect sound production, strong and sharp strokes on the strings.

What to do in such a situation? How to get out of it with minimal losses?

The first step is to understand the condition of the other strings. There are 2 possible options:

  1. If you haven’t changed them in a long time, and the string broke most likely because of old age, it is better to change everything at once. When replacing only one string from the old set, first, it will stand out in sound and appearance (which is also important). And secondly, the rest of the strings can also break at any moment.
  2. If the strings in the set are relatively new and have not yet exhausted their resource, and the string broke due to an accident or lack of experience – then it is better to change only it to avoid unnecessary expenses.

How to match the string to the set

When replacing one string you need to know exactly what set is installed on the guitar, and the torn string to replace the same. Then the difference in the sound will not be noticeable.

But for various reasons it is not always possible to do so. When buying a new guitar there are often no marks on the strings. And to establish not only the manufacturer, but at least the thickness of the strings is very problematic. It’s also not uncommon for you to forget which strings you bought. In such cases you need to pick up a separate string for 3 main criteria (in order of importance).

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This is the most important and difficult criterion. If you do not guess with the thickness, the new string will stand out when playing the guitar both in sound and in feeling. To choose the right caliber for the eye is quite difficult. It requires experience and tactile memory.

Specific advice in this case is very difficult to give. For general reasons, you can try this way. If all the strings are thin (high and easy to clamp), it is better to take a string from the 010 set. If the strings are thick (hard when pressed and have a deep resonating sound) – the strings from the 012 set.When you can’t decide the thickness of the remaining strings – take the string from the set 011.. This is a medium gauge, it will be more versatile.

Winding material

Both the sound of the string and its appearance depend on the material. Strings from different materials will not look good on the guitar together. And the sound of the different strings will also be noticeably different.

The choice of material is easier because it can be defined visually. The bronze strings are light yellow, the phosphor bronze is dark yellow, closer to orange. And the copper strings are even darker with a reddish tint. Silver – light gray, silver color; nickel and steel – dark gray, dim.

All said touches strings with winding. If it is necessary to replace the first or second string without winding, then in all acoustic sets they consist only of a steel core. In this case the selection of material can be skipped.

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This is the least important criterion for the selection of individual strings. Because the difference between the manufacturers will be the least noticeable. The only thing to consider is the producing country.

If you had the strings of a well-known American brand, then it is better to replace the string of a brand, similar in cost and therefore in quality. If the strings are inexpensive (for example, Chinese) then it makes no sense to overpay for a more expensive firm. You won’t feel the difference.

In conclusion I want to give a simple advice from personal experience. Always carry with you an alternate string, at least the first and second. The string can break at any moment. And without the “spare” it can break your entire performance.

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