Where to start playing the guitar and how to choose it

как начать играть на гитаре

Every single one of you has ever watched someone play guitar, whether it’s an acquaintance or just a person in a video. And in the depth there was a desire to learn to play, but thoughts «it takes a lot of time», «I will never be able to», «this expensive pleasure» time and time again discouraged the desire to take a step on the path of art.

The guitar is perhaps the most famous musical instrument. It is the basis of any rock, jazz or country music. The ability to play this instrument will undoubtedly distinguish you from the gray mass of people. The view that learning to play is a complex and long-term process is mistaken. You can play the simplest songs a few days after getting acquainted with this instrument.

How to choose a guitar?

First, you need to decide what purpose you want to learn to play the guitar.

  1. If you want to sing songs with friends at the campfire, you will fit a Western guitar. It has metal strings and quite bright sound. Prices for such a guitar start from 50-100 dollars.
  2. Do you dream of learning to play beautiful ballads, classical music with melodic interludes? You need a classical guitar. It features 3 metal and 3 nylon strings, allowing it to sound softer than a Western guitar. The sound will be softer and gentler, which is undoubtedly its plus. The price range will start from 100-150 dollars.
  3. If you have a dream of playing in a band, or do you just want to play beautiful guitar parts of the great musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries, you will fit a solo (rhythm) electric guitar. On this instrument you can play absolutely any tune.
    Electric guitar differs in its variability, because you can play a melody from any genre of music. One of the main advantages of an electric guitar is its appearance. After all, the body of the guitar can be done in any style. The price of the electric guitar itself will start from 150-200 dollars. But you should immediately take into account the guitar combo amplifier, which will reveal the whole essence of this instrument. The cost of combo amp can start at 100 dollars.
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Decided? Now let’s go to the choice of the guitar itself. 

It’s not that hard. All you have to do is fall in love with it. Color, design, shape of the case – all of this should suit you aesthetically. Next, you should listen to the instrument. Ask the seller to play you something. Do not stop on the first option, be sure to compare one guitar with another.

The important point is the consistency of the neck. The neck must be straight and without bending.

Take care of your guitar. Be sure to wash your hands before the game. Do not put it in a cold or too warm place.

So, the main thing! Where do I start?

And the first thing to start is to hold the instrument properly. You can watch the video or read the articles. But you should not miss this moment in any case, because the installation of the guitar may depend on your outcome.

It should be understood that from the first week you will not be able to become a professional guitarist and play the hardest parts. Many people say that the guitar should be given at least 1 hour a day. This is true, but the game should not be something like «work». Wish must come from you. Don’t force yourself to play if you don’t want to. You can take breaks, but do not forget that during these breaks skills are very quickly lost.

You need a teacher to develop your skills. There are plenty of great channels on YouTube to help you learn how to play the guitar. Forget about tutorials, because they lack visibility. Do not try to chase results. Do not immediately load yourself with complex melodies. Start with something simple and then increase the complexity. Do not stop there, learn new playing styles, guitar techniques, etc.

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The ability to play the guitar is an obvious plus for any person. But do not forget that the first thing you should love this instrument and enjoy playing it. Each of you can learn to play. Once you have faith in yourself and do not stop at difficulties. Constant practice will show the result in 2 weeks. Good luck!

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