5 reasons why you should learn to play guitar

почему надо уметь играть на гитаре

Without the extra forewords that will tell you the history of string musical instruments, we go directly to the reasons.

This article will be very useful for young people, both in adolescence and for adult men. But girls also should not close the tab. After all, a girl with a guitar in her hands, performing a beautiful melody, just causes a volcano of emotions in people. So…

“The first reason is you…”

When you decide you’re going to learn how to play the guitar, you’re going to change who you are. You’re motivated, maybe even by this article if you read it to the end. You have a goal that naturally arouses the interest and the respect of the people around you. Your contacts will be watching your progress in passive mode. This is progress, don’t stop! Pick up your guitar, and read on.

Second reason — you will be in demand with the fair sex

And that I guarantee you, as a guy who has been a self-taught guitarist for 10 years. Notice that I highlighted the word “self-taught”. This status makes people, and in particular girls, believe in you, because you on your own, without the help of teachers and teachers, achieved what you wanted! When you learn to play even simple backyard songs on three basic chords, you can surprise any of your acquaintances who do not often hear live music.

By the way (!), many people have never heard the sound of a live guitar, especially close, and especially from their acquaintances. You become almost a magician in the eyes of your friends, and especially in the eyes of the girls, the moment when you reproduce with a few fingers the tunes familiar to everyone.

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The third reason is new friends

If you want to meet the right people, trust me – the guitar will connect you with them. All guitarists, and in general all musicians are very determined guys who went through a lot to achieve the desired result. Yes, someone’s nerve cells have been killed in sufficient numbers, but even such people are always waiting for them to meet personalities with similar interests, kind, reliable, and as determined as they are. And I’m talking about boys and girls.

The fourth reason is the ability to make good money

People make fortunes in a few minutes playing guitar, remember that. Even playing in the underground passage familiar to all hits, you are able to earn an average monthly salary of an ordinary worker in a couple of days. You might be embarrassed to play in the transition. Well, that’s a normal reaction, but I’ll tell you what…

I made a living on this case without even looking for a way to make money on the guitar – some money found me. Some people ask to change the strings on their guitar, some people ask to learn to play, some people offer to play on holidays, for which they give a small amount of money. But let’s just say that if you’re going to learn music in general just for the money, that’s a bad idea. This motivation will not get you to the finish.

Number five — you’re becoming an inspiration

You may not even know that there are a lot of people in your circle with undisclosed musician potential. Many ask to teach them. I’ve taught over 30 people how to play all the time, and I’ve only taken money from two people. Each one had to sit for hours and teach him what I had learned without any help from anyone. And this is not a complaint, but pride. At times like this, my self-esteem grew to Everest, my self-confidence grew, and I found it useful.

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The people who mastered the music instrument with my help became very good friends with me.

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