Start playing the guitar from scratch

играть на гитаре с нуля

Many of us have a dream. Someone wants to have the perfect body. Someone wants to dance ballroom dances. Someone wants to be able to cook delicious. And someone wants to link their life with music. But often it seems to us that the desired goal becomes difficult to achieve. Music is an integral part of our life. If you want to “touch” it, then you will help such an instrument as a guitar.

Why the guitar, exactly?

  • The guitar is the simplest musical instrument available (easier, probably, only to play on ukulele).
  • The guitar is a compact instrument that does not take up much space in the room. It is easy to carry.
  • You don’t have to know all the notes to play your favorite songs (most well-known compositions consist of 4-6 chords).

How to choose a guitar?

So now that we’ve figured out the advantages of the guitar, we have to figure out how to choose this guitar. In general, there are three main types of guitars: classical, acoustic and electric guitar. It is worth choosing based on the style of direction of the music you are going to perform. I will give you a brief summary of the characteristics.

1) Classical guitar (Spanish) is a kind of guitar with a wide neck, wooden body and nylon strings. It is used in music schools, where it is mainly played classical compositions. If you want to play classical compositions this guitar will suit you exactly. It is quite easy to learn.

2) Acoustic guitar is a guitar with a narrow neck, wooden body and metal strings. The sound of this guitar is saturated. It is noteworthy that most popular “guitar” songs use it. It is an important component of such genres as songwriting, folk, blues, reggae, folk music. If you want to expand your musical horizons in acoustic melody, this guitar is for you.

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3) The electric guitar has pickups that convert string vibrations into electromagnetic oscillations. This kind of musical instrument will suit already more advanced guitarists who are eager to find a new sound or want to play with other musicians. If you want to play in a professional band, play complicated guitar parts or solo, then this guitar you will definitely like.

How to play and where to start?

1) Fingers. Our soft fingers are quite gentle to clamp a piece of metal less than millimeter wide. The first thing we need to do is learn how to basically clip the strings on the guitar’s neck.

2) Chords. By training our fingers, we can combine two things. Chords are the same notes. There are 7. Most songs consist of 4-6 chords. It is mainly C, D, E, G, Am. When you train your left hand, you will develop “muscle memory”, which will allow you to automatically without any stuttering to change the chords when performing songs. The main difficulty consists of chords with a barre (chords in which one finger has to clip several strings at once on one scale).

3) Strumming. When you learn the first chords, you can start learning the first songs. It is not necessary to immediately take up complex compositions: everything begins with a simple. The rhythmic part of the song is played, mainly through strumming. Strumming is hand strikes on all strings. There are many types of strumming that make up the rhythmic part of any song.

4) Finger-picking. Some songs are played with the technique of guitar finger-picking. Finger-picking is when the right hand touches one string. This technique is more complicated than strumming because there is no rhythm part that literally sets the pace and the main melody. However, it is also quite easy to learn.

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5) Songs. Now, having learned the basics of the guitar, you can begin to study your favorite songs. But how to know the chords we need? Here the scheme is simple: enter into the search engine the name of the song we need and write the word “chords”. You will get dozens of sites that have the right chords, strumming or finger-picking for almost any song. Usually, the lyrics contain chord notations that indicate when to play them.

6) Tabs. Not all songs are played with standard chords or finger-picking. Such songs are already more difficult to perform and they require constant practice. There are difficult songs and even extreme. All solo parties should always be taught by tabs. Tablature is the same notation only much more simplified and easy to understand.

7) The Internet. There are a lot of reviews of a variety of songs, where you will clearly tell how to play a particular song. Visual and auditory perception will help you to learn your favourite song more easily.

Learning a guitar is easy and interesting. I hope you will be able to achieve what you want. Remember: patience and work will grind everything.

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