Materials for making guitars

материалы для производства гитар

For all types of guitars, the main raw materials are different types of wood. From which wood to choose your instrument depends on what kind of music you prefer to play. For the classic is ideal ash and alder. For rock, the best version of mahagoni. And for the soloist suitable instrument of poplar and linden.

Why is different wood used to make guitars? Because the instrument, made of a particular wood, has different sound qualities.

Main types of wood and their influence on sound:

  • Alder is the most common and light wood breed. Has excellent resonance and timbre across all frequency ranges.
  • Ash tree is light and durable material. It has a clean high sound.
  • Lime wood is soft and easy to squeeze, so such guitars are covered with solid varnish. Because of these features sounds deaf.
  • Mahogany is quite heavy material. It has a specific acoustics, sounds very tight.
  • Maple is rigid and elastic wood. Possessing such properties, mainly used in the production of vultures.
  • Poplar is the cheapest material. It has a clean sound on the middle frequency.
  • Mahogany is solid and durable wood. Perfectly resonates, covers a wide range of sound spectrum – from the lowest and most powerful to the strongest upper.
  • Walnut is very heavy tree. Excellent sounds at medium frequencies.
  • Corine (limba) has an unusual color and pattern. Sounding similar to mahogany, but with a cleaner sound;
  • Zebra tree (zebrano) is heavy wood, differs in a rare striped pattern. Often used in lamination.
  • Padauk is used for decoration due to the unique red and purple color. It has a high bright sound.
  • Rosewood is one of the heaviest trees. Has excellent resonance and deep sound.
  • Venge is solid, rough wood, resistant to mechanical influences. Excellent sounds in the upper and middle ranges.
  • Ziricote is strong, durable wood. It has a resonance in the entire frequency spectrum.
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It is rare, but still there are guitars made of plastic. With this material in production conditions it is easier to work. The appearance of this instrument looks very presentable, but the quality of the sound is much worse.

Now, armed with knowledge of different types of guitars and their features, you can safely go to the store and choose your ideal instrument to conquer the musical Olympus!

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