Guitar strumming

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What is a guitar strumming

A guitar strumming is a sharp alternating beat on multiple strings at the same time. As a result, we hear the sound of entire chords, not just individual notes. This way the musician plays the rhythmic pattern of the composition.

The strumming is played with a pick or fingers. The main idea is to hit the strings up and down. So the guitarist singles out a weak and strong share, sets the pace in the song.

The guitar strumming diagram is a sequence of strokes on the strings (ascending and descending). They are in the form of arrows that point up and down.

There are many types of guitar strumming, but the most popular are only a few. Consider them in more detail.

Types of guitar strumming

Strumming with 6 strokes

This is the basic type of stroke, it has another name – «variety». The essence of the fight – 6 strokes on strings in 1 beat.

The schematic diagram without muting is as follows: V V ^ ^ V ^, with muting on 2 and 5 impacts thus:
V V Х ^ ^ V Х ^.

Strumming with 8 strokes

This type of stroke is a bit more complicated, the basic schematic drawing looks like this:
V _ V _ ^ V V ^ V ^.

The name itself indicates that it is necessary to perform 8 strokes on the strings. For improvised performance, it is allowed to change the order of blows with fingers, to place pauses of different lengths between blows, to play with muting.

Strumming with 4 strokes

Musicians also call this type of strumming a scratching, because of alternating movements up and down. It is the most monotonous kind of strumming. Due to its peculiarities, it is not often used throughout the song. But this touch is indispensable in introductions and instrumental parts.

  Learning to play the guitar

Schematic diagram: V ^ V Х ^.

Country style

For the first time country style was used in the folklore of European immigrants. Now it is popular all over the world.

The schematic country style is as follows: B V Х ^ B ^ V Х ^.

Spanish strumming

This type of strumming is a kind of «8 strokes». For its execution all fingers of the right hand are required. Thus, the string sounds not once, but 4 times.

A further feature is the performance of two strokes (top and bottom) on each beat. This is one of the tricky strokes, it requires good hand mobility and a good sense of rhythm.

Which type is best for beginner

The simplest kind of strumming for beginners will be «four», it is used for most songs. «Sixer» is another kind of strumming, which is well suited to beginners.

Although guitar strumming is considered the easiest way to produce sound, some types of it will be difficult for novice guitarists to master. However, mastering different types of guitar strokes will help to develop a sense of rhythm and endurance of the right hand.

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