Learning to play the guitar

как заставить себя научиться играть на гитаре

Many people believe that playing musical instruments is very difficult. Some think that on the contrary, there is nothing difficult in this. Both are not quite right. Musical instruments also have different levels of difficulty. For example, wind instruments are more difficult than strings, etc. In this article we will talk about playing the guitar. Music schools teach notes, terces, etc. It takes a lot of time and, in my opinion, is boring. With good musical hearing, you can learn the instrument in a shorter time. Maybe not as after 5 years in school, but quite good. All it takes is hearing, a sense of rhythm, patience and, of course, the guitar itself.

So, what is this? Guitar refers to string instruments. Usually has 6 strings. This is the most common option. There are also 7, 8 or 12 strings, but this is for the more advanced ones. We will start with a simple one.

One of the most important conditions — the correct setting of the instrument. Because if you set up incorrectly — you can spoil your musical hearing. It is better to ask someone who plays the instrument well. Or you need to buy a simple device – a tuner that gives the right note for each string. It is inexpensive, and in time you will be able to adjust the guitar yourself to the ear.

Also, learning to play the guitar requires a lot of patience. After all, fingers need to move quickly, keep up with the rhythm. This requires a certain skill that comes only with experience. And it will hurt the first time until the fingers get used to the strings. Beginners often use nylon strings. They give a less vocal and clear sound and are faster to pull (need to adjust more often). But they’re not so painful to get used to.

  Guitar strumming

But with a lot of will, it’ll work. Over time, you will have a set of specific game templates that you will be able to use for playing different tracks. The chords are also easy to learn. Not as many as they seem. Let’s say 7 notes, in each minor and major, that’s 14 chords at the base. This holds almost the whole stage.

For more complicated things on each note there are flats (half a tone below) and sharp (half a tone above). Comes out about 30 in total. Yes, they are not used all, but in a certain sequence. It forms some harmony of chords. In one key only some chords are played. This means that all chords will not be needed. Especially if you sing at the same time. Because then in general you will try to choose the compositions in one key, because in another you will be very low or too high to sing.

There are certain subtleties, but in general it is not so difficult. So, in the presence of a musical ear arm patience, guitar and go!

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